La Chambre Blanche
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SITE-SPECIFIC March 13, 2015
WEBLAB March 22, 2015
LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE February 28, 2015
Residency opening for Naiana Magalhães (BR)

For a fourth consecutive year of exchange with the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (Brazil), we invite Naiana Magalhães for a site-specific residency from March 9 to May 3 at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE. For her project Internal Landscapes, Magalhães involves the perception of the body when it   
Workshops in Processing
Processing is a programming environment for artists and designers. It helps to understand the code and how to make it a part of the creation process. Mathieu Plasse, graphic designer and teacher, will do an introduction for Processing with workshops to be held every Wednesday, once a month until June.   
Research residency

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE wants to stimulate interest in the analysis and reflections on contemporary art by providing a research residency at the documentation center. We invite artists and authors from Quebec to submit proposals for a research residency at the documentation center for six to eight weeks for the 2015-2016