La Chambre Blanche
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SITE-SPECIFIC April 19, 2015
WEBLAB March 22, 2015
Residency for Naiana Magalhães (Brazil)

For a fourth consecutive year of exchange with the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (Brazil), we invite Naiana Magalhães for a site-specific residency from March 9 to May 3 at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE. Her project « Antérieur », involves the perception of the body when it is   
Workshops in Processing
Processing is a programming environment for artists and designers. It helps to understand the code and how to make it a part of the creation process. Mathieu Plasse, graphic designer and teacher, will do an introduction for Processing with workshops to be held every Wednesday, once a month until June.   
Traverse / residency of Laurent Levesque (MTL)

By a crossing between Shanghai (CN) and Prince Rupert (CA) and a residency at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE The Friendly Floatees project of Laurent Levesque (MTL) is becoming concrete. His project will consist mainly of blue expanses, thousands of plastic bags all photographed at different times of their interaction with the