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5@7 on Thursday May 16th

Event of new type, 5@7_3D gatherings strive to desegregate arts, technologies and business. In a friendly and interactive set, these events establish a platforme of meetings and networking, and present concrete opportunities to professionnals from all three domaines to freely exchange. Through this initiative, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE wishes to create a common space where technical know-how can be enriched by a creative point of view and vice-versa, where frontiers are shattered and stable relationships are forged between the domaines. On May 16th, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE invites you to be a part of a new 5@7_3D event that broaches robotics and its use in the art sphere throught the presentations of two renowned professionals – Japanese artist So Kanno and Quebec engineer David St-Onge. So Kanno is graduated from Musashino Art University and the Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science, and lecturer in Tokyo Zokei University and Tokyo Polytechnic University. He takes hold of the most advanced technologies, electronic art and programming, in order to question the dynamic relations between the mediums. Working in the fields of installation and performance, the Japanese artist is interested in the begettening of new languages through the conception of hybrid tools and shapes. David St-Onge, member of the research group of the Robotics Laboratory of Laval University, in an engineer specialized in structures and robotics. He completed his professional training oriented towards developping technologies required by artists, and had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Nicolas Reeves, Stelarc, Gregory Chatonsky and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. During the evening 5@7_3D, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s team will have the pleasure to present its new research cell Hackerspace. Hackerspace reunites open source culture fans and offers a plateforme where hacking, free licence software, video games emulation, programming and electronics come together. The evening will be rich in flavors thanks to our kind partnership with Le Pied Bleu, renowned caterer and master of creative bites, as well as Symbiose, private importer and fine expert, who will lavish us with a specially selected wine.


So Kanno est né au Japon en 1984. Il est diplômé en design informatique de Musashino Art University et de l’Institut en arts médiatiques avancés et sciences (JP). Il enseigne à Tokyo Zokei University et à Tokyo Polytechnic University. So Kanno travaille en art électronique et programmation et s’intéresse à étudier les caractéristiques de diverses technologies. Il détient plusieurs prix, dont Japan Media Art Festival New Face Award (2012), Japan Media Art Festival Jury Recommended Works (2009) et Asia digital art Award (2006 et 2008). Il a présenté son travail à Ars Electronica (Linz, 2011), à la galerie AXIS (Tokyo, 2008, 2009 et 2010) et à Device_Art3.009 (Zagreb, 2009), entre autres.

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