Miller Puckette in Quebec City

03/09, 18h - workshop Raspberry Pi+Pure Data @ LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE 04/09, 20h - concert, 365, rue Bayard, Québec 06/09, 19h - Miller Puckette's installation @ Avatar 07/09, 10h30 - conference/discussion @ LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE

Corrida B Bang is very very proud to welcome to Quebec City artist, musician and internationally renowned inventor Miller Puckette from August 30th to September 8th 2013. During his stay, we invite you to a series of events aiming to present new sides of his ideas and his work to our community: Tuesday September 3rd at 18h : Workshop at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE Creating autonomous interactive works with Raspberry Pi and Pure Data Open to all, free access, drinks and snacks Confirmation of presence is highly recommended on 185, rue Christophe-Colomb Est, Québec Wednesday September 4th at 20h : Concert at Rodrigue Rodrigue, collective studio Miller Puckette and friends Open to all, free access, T-shirt bar and snacks 365, rue Bayard, Québec Friday September 6th at 19h : Opening in the hallway of Avatar Mysterious site-specific installation of Miller Puckette Open to all, free access, drinks, T-shirt bar and snacks 541 De Saint-Vallier Est, 5th floor, Québec Saturday September 7th at 10h30 - Breakfast-conference at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE New approaches in interactive computer music Open to all, free access, tea, coffee and breakfast snacks 185, rue Christophe-Colomb Est, Québec Associate director at the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts and music professor at the University of California, San Diego, Miller Puckette is the author of Max, graphic programming environment pour music and multimedia synthesis. He is the author of Pure Data, open source software for graphic programming and platform for real-time audio, video and interactive creation, used throughout the entire planet. He is the recipiendary of multiple distinctions, such as Ph.D. in mathematics at Harvard University, USA (1986), SEAMUS Lifetime Achievement Award (2008), Ph.D. Honoris Causa from Mons University, Belgium(2011) and Honorary Degree from Bath Spa University, UK (2012), recognizing his extraordinary contribution to the research on computer music.

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