Datacentre d'art

Étienne Cliquet |

Public presentation on Thursday November 21st at 5pm

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is happy to welcome French artist Étienne Cliquet for a production residency from November 4th to November 22nd 2013. The artist’s work will carry on within the spaces of the Colosse – Laval University’s super computer -, and will stay there, present but inaccessible, for an indeterminate laps of time. The public will have the pleasure of witnessing the visual archives of the finished work during a friendly 5-to-7 on Thursday November 21st within LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s space. Within the framework of the global project Datacentre d’art, Étienne Cliquet works inside the protected spaces of the server rooms, that he describes as complexe contemporary libraries containing the majority of our knowledge. The artist underlines the fascinating link between the parietal drawings and the imposing architectures of the blinking servers – both of them situated in isolated, inaccessible, dark and cold spaces, serving need beyond the every-day survival. For his project at the Colosse, Étienne Cliquet will produce a precise cartographic drawing, putting in spatial and chronological perspective the migrations of the first humans (homo sapiens) according the recent studies of the mitochondrial DNA. A work of art that, being located within the space par excellence of globalisation (server rooms), establishes a bridge towards our distant ancestor and their strategies of communication with the intangible (parietal drawings). The artist would like to thank the art centre BBB (Toulouse, FR), Dicréam (CNC), Institut français and Région Midi-Pyrénées. Étienne Cliquet’s work is visible on the Internet as well as in tangible space. From 1999 to 2004, he co-initiated and animated with Sonia Marques the online collective Téléférique. Since 2004, he conducts research on computer-assisted origami.

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