Claudia Blouin | Ingrid Cogne | Vivian Fritz | Éloïse Guénard |

Launch on June 13, 2019 at 5pm

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE wishes to invite the public to the launch of the second issue of the Écosystème Collection, which will take place on June 13, 2019, at 5pm at the Maison pour la danse de Québec. For this publication, we have invited Claudia Blouin, Ingrid Cogne, Vivian Fritz and Eloïse Guénard to write on the theme of dance. Also, there will be a dance performance for the evening.

In 2016, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE has developed a collection of theoretical texts that explore the relationship between the current and digital arts and the different spheres of human activity. This is the Écosystème Collection, a collection of digital texts, nourished by various authors from a wide range of practices, fields of thought and research in the field of creation. In this context, the notion of ecosystem multiplies the encounters and exchanges between beings and cultural systems, historically isolated from each other. This research and archiving process aims to highlight encounters and exchanges between the areas of contemporary creation. It is based on the processes of natural and cultural hybridization that participate in the global mechanism of the evolution of practices.

The launch of this second volume of the collection will be a unique opportunity to understand some issues specific to contemporary dance such as choreographic approaches, body movement, rhythm, displacement and its link with other arts and other contexts.

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