Event of new type, 5@7_3D gatherings strive to desegregate arts, technologies and business. In a friendly and interactive set, these events establish a platforme of meetings and networking, and present concrete opportunities to professionnals from all three domaines to freely exchange. Through this initiative, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE wishes to create a common space where technical know-how can be enriched by a creative point of view and vice-versa, where frontiers are shattered and stable relationships are forged between the domaines. After the big success of the previous 5@7_3D events, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, thanks to the generous support of Agnès Maltais, is organizing a new gathering that will take place on Thursday February 28th at 5pm. Place of honor for stereoscopic imagery technology and augmented reality with the presentation of Adelin Schweitzer, French artist in site-spécific residency in our centre. The artist will broach his major works, from the beginning of his career to the pieces created here, by underlining as much technological constraits as the subversive position he has taken. It is with big pleasure that we twin Adelin Schweitzer’s presentation with Marc Fafard’s one – independant director and known professionnal in the production of educational and documentary 3D features of big caliber. Marc Fafard is currently working on the final stage of the 3D documentary feature Johnny’s wings that studies the life of an Inuit pilote from Nunavik. The evening will be rich in flavors thanks to our kind partnership with Le Pied Bleu, renowned caterer and master of creative bites, as well as Symbiose, private importer and fine expert, who will lavish us with a specially selected wine. When : Thursday February 28th 2013 at 5pm Price: 25$

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